Friday, September 09, 2005

Hey everyone, school is back on. Wow. That went by so quickly, however I must say that with this being my first summer married AND my first summer living in the big city, it has been very enjoyable. Yes, we do consider Toronto to be big, maybe not compared to the largest cities in the nations of our American and British friends (NY, LONDON), but honestly how many people reading this blog actually live in one of those cities? Actually, that's not a bad poll to take: Please comment on what size of city you live in. If you don't know the population of your city or town, I encourage you to research and discover! It can't be anything but healthy for your brain, not to mention super fun. I've also included a picture of my school for you to see. I think it is the craziest place in the world; good and bad crazy, also the best place to learn creatively. I love it.
Hope to hear about your city.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i used to live in Merthyr a small town of 60,000 people but i worked in Cardiff, the biggest city in Wales at a staggering 350,000. not even close to a real city, but in the vein of hit sit com 'cheers' i love a place where everyone knows my name'.
ps: Your school looks awesome a very appliable muse there!! Say hello to your lovely wife. Isn't Marriage great?

8:57 a.m., September 09, 2005  
Blogger joshuabest said...

great reference to cheers. that was classy.
and yes, marriage is fabulous.
all you young boys out there: get yourself a hot'n holy wife. it'll bless you big time!

12:18 a.m., September 12, 2005  

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